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Summer Wedding Pretties

I was hesitant to use the word “summer” in the title because technically spring just started. BUT, this is Southeast Texas, so really summer started two days ago. You know what else started this week? Wedding season! I love wedding season! Champagne, cake, beautiful brides, and champagne. What’s not to love?

Lucas’s friend from college is ending his glory days of bachelorhood this weekend so I headed to Nordstrom on Monday to find the perfect dress and shoes. I found the dress and some amazing shorts! The shoes were a total disappointment, but I’ll get to that later. #nordstromfail

I tried on 10 different dresses and narrowed it down to 3 that I think would be perfect for all the weddings of Spring/Summer 2017. Most of the weddings we’re going to are daytime so I wanted to find something other than black. Let me preface these options by reminding y’all that I’m 36 and I don’t do low cut, high cut, cut out, or over cut (short). Nope. I love it on others but I know what works on me and I prefer my cutting to be on steak, not my neck and hem lines. I was so surprised at all of the pretty options out there!

Pretty #1:

ponte dress

I loved this Eliza J dress! I tried it on in this teal color and the royal blue – I decided the blue looked better on me. The fabric is Ponte knit and very thick so it holds its shape well. The back has a pretty gold zipper and the seams are so flattering. This dress runs small so you might want to size up unless you want all your bra line imperfections displayed. At only $100 for a high quality dress, this one is a must!

Pretty #2:

blue ties

I decided to give the cold shoulder another go and try on this dress. It’s very simple and I was going to pair it with a chunky necklace and fun earrings. The dress is gorgeous – the quality is great and it’s well made. BUT, my legs are on the longer side and the entire dress lifts up when you raise your hands…so I had to put it back because I plan on hugging a lot of people this weekend. There’s just no need for indecency at the weddings. Lucas’s friends will do plenty of that. BUT, if you’re south of 5’9″ and great with accessories, this dress is prefect for you! Heck, you bootie lovers might even be able to pair it with the bootie sandals that are all over the place right now (insert eye roll here). It comes in pink and black as well!

Pretty #3 and all her sisters:


Y’all! How amazing is this dress?! SO many choices! There are a total of 10 on the website. The Woodlands Nordstrom only had 2 choices and it’s probably better that way because I might have walked out with all of them.  Once you get past the tags (they are in the side zipper, there was a dressing room incident), it slips right on and you’re in dress perfection land. The top is a thick yet forgiving and concealing knit and the skirt is a silk-ish material. It has a keyhole detail at the top of the back and the sash can be tied in a bow or just knotted depending on your level of Southerness. I’m 5’9″ and the dress is little long on me, so keep that in mind when ordering. It does come in petite and plus sizes so it’s made for all you beautiful mamas out there!

Want to take a gander at which one I chose?


I loved it the most. It’s flattering, pretty, and will be perfect for so many of the events I’ve got on my calendar. I’ll apologize/not apologize now if you see me sporting it more than once – it’s pretty much my new favorite item in my closet!

I also bought these shorts that you need right now:

denim shorts

Trust me. You need them. They are a great color, the perfect rise, and the length is short but it won’t get you talked about at Bunco. Size warning – they run a full size big so order a size down. They also stretch so you can manage Target tantrums in them!

Something I didn’t buy?


I get it. The Woodlands Nordstrom is still building their brand selection BUT holy smokes. They had nothing. I need wedges to wear with the Eliza J dress but they only offer bootie sandals and Tory Burch. That’s it. I tried the bootie sandals and just couldn’t. And I don’t need Tory Burch sandals right now. So I left and headed to DSW to see what they had in an 11…nothing. But I did get another pair of Keds because apparently I’m addicted to comfort. My last stop on the disappointment tour was Macy’s. I found the shoes I want but I couldn’t find anyone to help me so I left with the style name and bought them on Amazon. Here’s to hoping 2 day shipping actually means 2 day shipping!

 Sweet readers out there – where do you find cute shoes? I’m talking sandals and wedges and all things summer! I need help! HELP ME!

I’m beyond excited for this kid-free weekend – hair appointments, baby showers, friends, weddings, and a weekend with Lucas! I’ll post pictures of the final look next week. I’m hoping some of the pretty ladies I’ll see this weekend will let me feature their dresses on the blog as well. 😉

Coming up on the blog? My favorite recipe books, the ultimate guide to kids’ cartoons, how to find a MOPs group, mom hacks, the shiny and pretty world of Stella and Dot, and things you’ll never hear me say (let’s watch Calliou!).

Here’s to pretty dresses and the moments we celebrate in them!

– Katie



The Outfit That Started It All

Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning (after getting everyone else dressed, of course) and thought to yourself, “Hey! I don’t look that bad today!”? This was a day like that. It was a winterish day in south Texas so I decided to throw on some leggings and go with it. What I didn’t realize is that this post would push me to start this webpage. Y’all wanted to know about the amazing leggings, the cute wrap, and the simple tunic. You asked, I answered!

Let’s start with the leggings. They are thick, fleece lined, and fabulous. Want to know something funny? The picture on the package shows a lady in long leggings. But these are capri length…so maybe they’re made for the petite mamas out there? Whatever the reasoning, I’m totally fine with it because I look better in the capri length. They run true to size and are $5.98 at your local Walgreens. WALGREENS. They were an impulse buy back in December. Best impulse buy ever! They are currently buy one get the next one 50% off. That’s two pairs for less than $10. Getchusome!
The wrap is from Nordstrom and it’s on sale right now for $39.90. There are 22 different colors and patterns. It’s sweatshirt material and very soft. This might be my 3rd one. Variety is the spice of life, right?
The tunic is an Irma from LuLaRoe. I have around 10 friends who sell it and I can’t remember who I bought it from! I like it because it’s long in the front and longer in the back. I’m a founding member of LANP Committee (Leggings Are Not Pants), so I have to follow their #1 rule of keeping the front and back parts covered. Although the Irma is great for modesty, it mades me look super wide so I don’t wear it without a wrap or cardigan. Here’s a link to my hilarious friend Stephanie’s page. She’s got all the LuLaRoe goodies you can handle and she serves it with a side of sass.
My favorite part about this outfit? The shoes. OH MY WORD. They are fabulous. Hello, Keds! Good to see you again. I use to wear Keds during my Catholic grade school days. I think half of STM wore the plain Jane white version. I’m so glad to rediscover them! I bought them after I stared a day of errands wearing wedges and quickly realized that wasn’t going to last. So I popped into DSW and found the 3 pairs of shoes that came in an 11 and chose these based on comfort.
Why you should buy them:

  1. They have Ortolite insoles, which is 30something speak for “they won’t kill my feet and back when I walk to pick up my kids from school.”
  2. They can be worn without socks. I hate socks. My feet have claustrophobia and don’t like to be confined in small spaces.
  3. They go with everything! I just bought another pair in navy to help me transition to summer. Because summer starts in March here in Texas. Time to stock up on Secret and long wear eye liner!
  4. Because Amazon carries them and 2 day shipping is the absolute best. Period.

They range in price from around $20 – $50 on Amazon, I think I got mine at DSW for $35.

This outfit lasted until around 2:00 when a package of raw chicken thighs EXPLODED on my shirt and nearly left me in tears. I really, really, really hate raw meat and anything related to raw meat so I took a quick HazMat shower before MDO pickup, ate some queso, and called it a day.


Do you have any mom friendly staples? Please share! I’m always looking for pieces to conquer parenthood in!