Hey, y’all!

Katie here. Mom to the Three Silly Sisters and wife to the best girl dad ever. I’m a Texan via  Louisiana, so I like to say I’ve got the best of both worlds. The magical combination of Cajun food and Tex-Mex has produced many good memories, laughter, and the occasional “when did these jeans get so tight?!” moments. Queso is my life. If queso is your life, let’s be friends.

Lucas and I both graduated from Texas A&M in 2003 and moved to Houston shortly after. I was an elementary teacher and Math specialist before I retired in 2011. Lucas works in the oil and gas industry so we’ll be Texans for life. Yee-haw!

I enjoy coffee, reading, sarcasm, dressing my daughters in pretty clothes (Lucas can vouch for this), and spacing out while I pretend to watch Team Umizoomi…although Geo’s shape belt would really come in handy every now and then.

Our daughters are a beautiful combination of glitter and dirt. They keep us laughing, smiling, and sleep deprived all while perfecting the love/hate relationship that happens between sisters.

Caroline, 5, is our kind and soft spoken oldest piece of perfection. She loves school, Jesus, and helping me around the house. She’s generally mild mannered and a people pleaser, unless you try to take her out of school early to go shopping. Then she’s a 5 year old ball of angst and disappointment. She’s also her daddy’s twin. Lucky girl.


Ellie Kate is our middle sister. This little tornado is also known as Baby Beast (she was a 10 pounder), Texas Tornado, Ellie Belly, and ELLIE! She marches to the beat of her own drum and makes no apologies. She’s sweet but good heavens, she loves to test boundaries. She loves Science and wants to travel to the moon one day. I have no doubt she will!


Our grand finale is Anna Grace. She also goes by Baby Nugget (she was a short and round baby), Buggy, and Anna Banana. I thought I had seen every personality until I met Anna. She’s a mess. She’s feisty, fiercely independent, and loves to be held. Her mornings consist of begging for me to hold her but only if she can carry her own backpack while doing it. She’s so ready to be a big girl and I’m so ready for her to stay the same age. I’m glad God made her so tiny because it’s easier for me to think of her as my baby.


I get so much pleasure from finding the beauty in the not so beautiful moments of parenthood. I use humor and grace to navigate their adventures and messy days. My goal is to use this webpage to share these moments with you and hopefully make you smile. I’ll do the occasional book review, recipe, and fashion post. Who doesn’t love a good read, an easy dinner, and a cute and easy outfit?

We’re all in this together. Let’s grab some queso and enjoy the ride!