Lay it Down, Part 2

I know, I know. It’s been a while. Ok, a LONG while. This crazy little thing called life has been happening so fast that I haven’t had time to write in quite some time. Holidays. Dance practice. Church. Family. More Holidays. Cleaning. Sleep. Disney. I’m not complaining – a full life can be fun – but it doesn’t allow for MY time, which includes writing. And sleeping. But I’ve given up on sleeping and I’ll hope that situation gets better once the girls are older. Here’s hoping Anna is sleeping through the night when she’s 10!

Back to writing – I’ve started a post about our recent trip to Disney World (which was insane) but I wanted to talk about my last post briefly before I publish my next one. I feel like the miscarriage post was so big that it needs a Part 2.

Y’all. Even in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a response as wonderful as the one I received from Lay it Down. I was floored. I’m still floored. Y’all are amazing!

I wrote Lay It Down as a way of healing my hurting heart. I published it knowing that if it helped just ONE person heal from the pain of a miscarriage, that my public outcry of pain would have a purpose. OH MY WORD. From the second I hit “Publish” and into the months following, SO MANY of you lovely people contacted me with the kindest words expressing condolences and love. I could feel the little pieces of my heart healing with each phone call, email, text message, and hug at preschool drop off. And as if that wasn’t amazing enough, even more of you talked with me about your personal miscarriage stories.  Some were recent, others were years and years ago, but each just as painful as the next. Many of you who shared your stories with me had never shared it with anyone else. Had never spoken the word miscarriage outside the walls of your homes. You grieved in private for the loss of the life you won’t know until you meet your sweet child in Heaven (how beautiful will that day be?!).

I hope and pray that we are the last generation of women who will feel the need or pressure to grieve in private. Miscarriages are too great of a loss to face alone. Thank you for allowing me to share ours with you. And thank you, sweet friends, for sharing your stories with me. All of them. Thank you for sharing what was on your heart to help heal mine.



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