Amazon Prime Day!



Let’s talk Amazon Prime Day. It’s one of my most favorite days of the year! Stuff you need at a great price? Yes, please! If you’re a Prime Member, you’ll get an additional 30% off the items at checkout, so keep that in mind when you’re browsing.

Here’s what I found so far:

Kate Spade cuff bracelet for $22! It comes in a few colors and the prices vary by color. These would make great Christmas and birthday presents.

Native Jefferson shoes for kids – $22! Lots of colors and sizes to choose from. Again, they vary by color and size.

Roomba! We had one of these in our old house and loved it. I’m tempted to get another one for our current house by I’m pretty sure the CFO (Lucas) would run away from home. And he makes my coffee in the morning. So I better not. But this is great deal if you’re thinking about getting one. They work wonders on wood floors.

Instant Pot pressure cooker! I really want one of these. I might have to give up my George Foreman Grill and a few other things to make room for it, but I’ve heard it’s worth it. Frozen chicken cooked in 30 minutes? Sign me up! And SkinnyTaste has a ton of Instant Pot recipes.

Ninja Coffee Bar! This is that amazing coffee maker I was telling y’all about. It’s $180 on sale for $150 with an addition 30% off at checkout….so $105? STEAL!

Ninja Kitchen System (fancy for blender with a ton of stuff). I really want one of these. Bad. This might be another CFO discussion. It’s $260 originally, $170 on sale and then 30% off that.

And the final item on the wish list…the Amazon Echo. I’ve heard amazing things about this little device. It can play music, tell you what the forecast is, read an audio book, control switches and thermostats in your house, answer random questions, etc. It can also call family and friends who also have an Echo. Pretty amazing! Here’s the commands I would use:

Alexa, tell Anna to stop whining.

Alexa, give Anna a pacifier.

Alexa, how many cups of coffee is too much coffee?

Alexa, hold Anna.

Alexa, tie Ellie’s shoes.

Alexa, go wipe Anna’s booty.

Alexa, please delete Teletubbies from all devices. And anything Family Fun Pack too.

Alexa, tell Ellie to get out of the mud. Again.

Alexa, what is Anna crying about?

Alexa, play Wishenpoof so they stop tackling each other.

Alexa, answer whatever question Caroline is asking.


Just kidding. I know she’s not that advanced, but here’s to hoping the 2018 version will be. What deals have you found? Comment below and let me know!

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