Road Trip Mom Hack

It never fails. You get in the car for a road trip and someone has to potty, but you’re 5 miles from civilization yet alone a decent restroom. Or you pull up to Disney on Ice and your 3 year old is screaming that they have to potty, but the line to get into the venue is a mile long. Or you’re at the neighborhood park, your kids are having the time of their lives, and the youngest one really needs to relieve herself of that gallon of OJ she drank for breakfast (it’s got vitamins, right?). Or your freshly potty trained toddler decides she has to “peepeereallyreallybad” as you pull into the Target parking lot and her INSANE fear of flushing toilets makes you want to cry. Or, my personal favorite, you’re on the way home from the zoo and your 2 babies are asleep but the big girl has to potty. And you REALLY don’t want to have to get the babies out of the car because they are REALLY tired.

Aside from beating your head on the steering wheel before braving the nearest gas station restroom, there are not a lot of options for moms of littles.

Fear not, mamas! I’ve got you covered. I came up with this Mom Hack after too many close calls and a sweet mom who saved the Disney on Ice Day with her Pourty. 

Step 1 to road warrior sanity? The tools. You’ll need a portable potty (I got this one on clearance at Target but this one is great as well), some size 4 or larger diapers, baby wipes, and plastic diaper sacks (or HEB bags). I use the diapers Anna outgrew and put them in an old wipe container.


Next step is to line the potty with a diaper and let your kid take care of business. Make sure the diaper is pulled up all the way in the front and back.


Once your toddler has finished up, simply roll up the diaper and put it in one of the plastic bags.


I take Clorox wipes and wipe down the potty (it’s dry because the diaper catches everything, but you know, germs…) and put that wipe in the bag as well. At this point you can toss it into the closest garbage can or just wait until your next stop and trash it then.

Viola! Emergency avoided and everyone can go back to watching Dora, or sleeping, or shoving goldfish down their seatbelt hole, or kicking your seat. My seat kicker now sits in the back thanks to her soccer skills. 

My van is set up for optimal roadside potty breaks, but it can be done on any flat space in your car. Side note – my van isn’t usually this clean. I needed to get my kids out of the house so we washed and cleaned out the van.


And, if your kids get really good at the portable potty pit stops, you can store the items under the passenger seat and they can do the whole process by themselves!!


There was a major #momwin moment the day I pulled over on the side of a country feeder road and I didn’t have to get out of my seat. My kid did it all by herself. It was GLORIOUS.

 I know some of you Boy Moms out there are laughing at the elaborateness of this, buuuuut….I’m a Girl Mom. There’s no tire, grass, or bottle option for the Sisters. 😝

I hope this saves you a little bit of sanity on your next road trip, or trip to the park, or Target run. Please feel free to share with other moms who can use this Mom Hack!


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