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Friday Favorites

Because it’s Friday and because my brain has been FRIED lately, I decided to jump on the current blogger trend of Friday Favorites. I started to write similar posts about 3 different times but then strep happened. And swim lessons happened. And Easter happened. You know, life. It happens. And sometimes this is how I handle it:


And other times, this is how I handle it:


My career is raising somewhat normal kids. Somedays I’m on track to be Mother of the Year, but most days I’m letting them eat Cheetos off the floor while watching NickJr. It’s all about balance, right?

My first Friday Favorite makes me feel like an awesome mom all the time. And she just so happens to be turning 6 tomorrow.


HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? It seems like just yesterday I was sitting on the living room floor, folding laundry, enjoying my first day of retirement when my contractions started. My little Cinco de Mayo baby decided to come 3 weeks early. She’s been an overachiever from the start! Her only request for her 6th birthday was to get her ears pierced so I took her on Wednesday while she was recovering from strep. I figured if she’s responsible enough to potty train Anna (complete with charts and a reward system), she’s responsible enough to take care of her pierced ears. We both almost cried but we managed to hold it together. There’s just something about earrings that make her look like a big girl. Where did my baby go? She’ll always be my favorite big girl!

My next Friday Favorite goes with one of my all time favorite things, those denim shorts so many of y’all bought! It’s this top:


I finally found a white tee that isn’t see through and hangs beautifully! The material is a thick cotton blend that won’t pill like some of the tees I’ve tried this spring.  Did I mention it’s thick? And the rolled sleeves stay rolled, like the bottom of those comfy denim shorts. The fit is roomy so size down if you like a tighter tee. The shop will also carry them in mint and navy during the second week of May! Side note – I tried taking a picture TWICE in this top but had amoxicillin and avocado incidents. Separately, not together. But the need for amoxicillin might have led to the need for avocado. 

While browsing around the Jack&Monroe website I found two other things I need ASAP!

This dress and clutch:


How cute is that dress?! It’s the shorter version of the pink and black dress that I love so much. Size up if you’re blessed in the chest! The short pink dress is currently sold out in some sizes, but it’s being restocked in pink, royal blue, and kelly green on May 10th. Variety is the spice of life!



My next Friday Favorite? The fact that these amazing shoes and staple of my late teen years are coming back.


Raise your hand if you rocked these Steve Madden Slinkys during the late 90s? Everyone? That’s what I thought. I’m a little upset these legends don’t come in an 11, but that won’t stop me from trying to get my ski-like foot into a 10. This is going to happen come hell or high water…which these would totally work in high water because of the amount of platform on the bottom. They are up for pre-order right now and ship out on July 9th, which just so happens to be the day before my birthday. Coincidence? I think not!

Next up on the list is my favorite Aggie tradition, Muster. Muster is held annually on April 21st. It’s a time when Aggies all over the world gather with fellow Aggies to remember those classmates who have died over the past year. It can be as simple as a back porch BBQ with friends or as ornate as attending the official ceremony held on the Texas A&M campus in College Station. During the campus Muster ceremony, all of the names of the fallen Aggies are called out, roll call style, and a classmate or family member answers “Here.” Because an Aggie is never forgotten. They are always in our hearts. My most memorable Muster was the the ceremony held the April after Bonfire fell. The sense of Aggie Spirit in Reed Arena that night was so strong, so powerful, almost unexplainable. There’s no other Aggie tradition quite like it and it’s one of the reasons I’m so proud to be a Texas A&M graduate.


My last Friday Favorite is from one of my all time favorites, Duchess Kate.  She recently gave an interview about the isolation and trials of motherhood. How amazing is it that someone with such a powerful position is using it to highlight the struggles of motherhood and its relation to mental health? I absolutely adore her and hope she continues to be a role model for mothers everywhere. I remember seeing this picture of her and thinking, “Look at that, she gets down and whispers sweet little threats into her kids’ ears just like the rest of us!”



This weekend is packed full of birthday parties, soccer games, and church fun but it starts with a date night tonight at the Coalition for Life dinner. Yeah for Houston traffic and the cash bar that follows it! Please pray for me as I head INTO the Galleria area during rush hour traffic. I’m so scared.

Here’s to birthdays and the ones we celebrate,



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