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Wedding Recap and Your New Favorite Blouse

You know the sound of a slow leak in a balloon or air coming out of a flat tire? That’s what I heard around 5:30 this morning when Lucas brought a coughing and sneezing Ellie into our bed. In addition to the hacking and sniffling, I heard my dreams of getting things done slowly deflating away. Laundry. Poof! Target. Poof! Mopping. Poof! Peeing alone. POOF!

BUT, I have to hand it to Ellie. She’s really good at entertaining herself. She can play upstairs for hours without any adult interaction and be perfectly happy. My productivity projections quickly returned after I remembered how awesome Ellie is at alone time. After dropping off the sisters at school, we snuck in a quick Target trip for provisions (toys to entertain her today, Starbucks for me) and headed home. As luck would have it, she played with the Doc McStuffins kit for 15 minutes and now she’s parked in the office watching iPad and hoping the wifi doesn’t go out in the storm.

My sweet little thumb sucker. Here’s hoping braces aren’t that expensive. HA!

I’m 90% sure her allergies are bothering her, but 10% of me thinks this is payback for our kid-free weekend. It’s like they think their 24/7 attachment will make us not want to leave them again, but it actually makes me thankful for our time away. Freedom is such an amazing thing!

Lucas and I headed up to The Woodlands on Friday to be part of his college roommate’s wedding weekend. It was a glorious 3 days! From the rehearsal dinner on Friday to the breakfast on Sunday, we had such a great time. Here are a few pictures from the various events:

Pre-Rehearsal Dinner. Also, pre-hotel happy hour. The Embassy Suites has an amazing happy hour, if that’s your thing. It’s my thing. What’s not to love about free vodka? And this J&M dress?! It runs small so size up if you’re blessed in the chest.
Maxi dress lovers unite! How fabulous is this fellow mom of 3? She also drives an Odyssey, so you know she’s good people. But she likes Caillou. I don’t hold it against her.
I rolled out of bed on Saturday morning to go to a shower for this cutest preggo! She’s about to have her third girl. Bless her. Please say a little prayer for her husband and his wallet. I bought the pink dress and necklace at LOFT on Friday. Both are 40% off (in store or online – you have to check with your local store) and perfect for Easter.  (side note – every time I go to LOFT I remember why I don’t go there often. Their sneaky sale signs make me want to scream. I can’t stand their “40% off everything!” but in super small print “for card holders only” signs. I argued with the manager until I got the 40% off. Sorry your marketing is the worst, but you can’t trick customers. It’s just not right.) Size down on the dress!
Three short hours and a quick nap later…Best wedding date ever! Isn’t he the cutest?
Please excuse the bags. I don’t sleep well when I drink vodka.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker! How beautiful is this couple? Her dress was dreamy. I hope y’all are having the best time in Mexico!
This dress was great for dinner, dancing, and the warm spring sunset. I talked to another guest who bought in a different color combination and loves it! It did not disappoint.
I chose these Stella and Dot earrings to wear with the dress. I’m going to mix it up next time and try simple earrings with a chunky necklace. Either way, this dress is versatile and allows for a bunch of different styling options.
Sometimes “Shout!” requires you to get a little bit softer now…
After 5 hours of drinking/dinner/dancing, I needed a little boost. Because I’m 36 and it was only 7:30. And I knew an after party was in the works. So I flagged down my new BFF, Maria, and asked her for coffee. I hugged her and called her my angel of mercy.
Tomatoes are gross.

I wish I could tell you I shut down the wine bar that night, but I can’t. Because I didn’t. I had a drink in the hotel bar until around 11:00 and then headed upstairs to be alone. I’m what you call a functioning introvert. I love to talk to people and can talk to anyone about anything, but it wears me out after a while. Like, I can physically feel my legs throbbing after too much small talk. My brain starts to shut down and I just need out. I get energy from being alone, even if it’s only for a few minutes. I can do one on one conversations all night, but the bar was loud and didn’t allow for that. So my night ended with a turkey sandwich and the conclusion of a book I’ve been trying to finish for a while. Sweet Lucas attempted to see closing time but had to come back early due to balance issues. That gross Bourbon gets him every time!

I did manage to get a glimpse of what the young kids are wearing to the wine bars these days, and this is it! Skinny jeans and flowy tops! I was so excited when I saw this top at Jack & Monroe on Monday because it was on my “to buy” list after seeing so many people wearing blouses similar to it over the weekend. Mackenzie carries it in navy and forest green. I opted for the navy because it’s my new white (it goes with everything!). Here are some different ways I’ve styled it over the past 24 hours – photo credit goes to Ellie! (side note – I did not wear every outfit in one day. I did some quick changes this morning as I hollered at Anna to not get syrup in her glorious hair as she wolfed down Eggo waffles.)

The perfect going out outfit – skinny jeans, navy top, and wedges. I’m wearing some Bauble Bar earrings I scored on sale last year. These are similar and can be worn two different ways! The bracelet is from LOFT.
I wore the blouse with pink shorts and navy Keds for school pickup yesterday. I love pink and navy! I bought the shorts from Old Navy last year, but they have them again this year too.
I asked Caroline to take pictures of me on the way home from school. She opted for selfies instead.
This what the top looks like in real life situations – I was trying to get Anna to get her hand out of my shorts and Ellie had just wiped her nose on my shorts while untucking my shirt. Kids are awesome.
This is my wine night outfit and Anna’s whine day attire…which is everyday and needs something comfortable because she tends to get dramatic.
Here’s a simple church idea – I paired the blouse with a LuLaRoe Cassie for a quick and easy Sunday morning outfit. Please excuse the photo quality – my photographer was ready for her frozen waffles at this point.
I had to try the blouse on with my favorite pants! You can never go wrong with the white/navy/brown combination. Thanks to Monica for taking this picture and to Anna for distracting me while I was putting on my earrings. At least my shoes match.
I found these great teal shorts at Target (for $14!). See? Navy goes with everything!

Jack & Monroe released this blouse today, so make sure you snag one before it sells out! It runs true to size, I’m wearing a Large. She has a bunch of cute new releases that are perfect for date nights or GNO. Don’t forget to use the code KATIE10 for 10% off your purchase!

Have a great weekend!

Here’s to wine and the women we drink it with,


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