Date Night Dare

Confession: I don’t do trendy willingly. It takes A LOT to convince me to get out of my khaki shorts and solid colored tees. A LOT. I stay in my cotton comfort zone because it works and it’s comfortable. Plus, I don’t spend a lot on the those items because I know they’ll get stained navigating these crazy goldfish-filled days. I love to shop at Nordstrom and buying a top there tends to be an investment…which means I’m most likely going to invest in something simple and classic, not trendy because I might not love it.

My awesome lazy Thursday outfit. I was going to cut the grass (no laughing, I totally love yard work!) but this is pretty much the norm for days like today. Side note – how do people get head down selfies?! Good night, Irene, I need a class!

One of my goals while shopping with Mackenzie at Jack & Monroe was to try something new. Something I’d normally leave on the rack. Something I’d seen in magazines but decided that look wasn’t for me.  Thanks to a friend’s birthday dinner and J&M’s selection of trendy tops for making me step out of that comfort zone and into something I love!

I had given the cold shoulder to the cold shoulder top months ago. I love it on other people but had never actually tried it on. That’s all it took! I tried on this top and instantly fell in love. I wish I would have tried one back when they made their debut.

Date Night! We didn’t bring Anna. I promise.

Here’s why this top will get you out of your cotton comfort zone:

  1. It’s so soft. Like, butter soft. I normally wear tanks under everything because they are softer than the tops I wear, but this top doesn’t need a tank. It’s like buttah!
  2. It has thick straps. No special bra necessary! I don’t do strapless unless someone is getting married, and even then, I have to REALLY love that bride to wear strapless. This top has thick shoulder straps, which is awesome because some of the cold shoulder tops I’ve seen have spaghetti straps.
  3. It’s loose and flowy. I think the A-line cut pairs with skinny jeans quite nicely. And again, queso. It hides my love of the official appetizer and dessert of Texas.
  4. It’s $30 (or $27 with my KATIE10 discount!). $27 is a great price point for a trendy top. It’s not a huge commitment and the quality of the top is worth more than that price.
  5. All the cool kids are doing it! Look at all this cold shoulders, which we renamed Haute Shoulders. Happy Birthday, Monica!


I’m wearing the black version in the picture, and as luck would have it, it sold out right after I received it. Mackenzie ordered it again in cream and her shipment just came in! Grab this top while it’s in stock – it will sell out quickly. I’m wearing a Large and usually wear a 14 on top – it runs a little bit big so size down if you are between sizes. Don’t forget to use KATIE10 for 10% off your order.

(The navy tassel necklace was just restocked too!)

Speaking of trying trendy things, this top prompted me to buy some booties. Those of you who know me well recall I said I would never wear booties. One of my goals for 2017 was to make it out of bootie season without actually buying them. I ALMOST MADE IT. Almost. Nordstrom just released some quasi-booties and I ordered them. They still haven’t come in (our UPS guy loves the 8pm delivery time) but I’ll report back once I’ve tried them on. Until then, I’ll be rocking my Keds and these puppies from Target because my toes are not sandal ready. I need about an hour with my nail girl and some cheap wine to get ready for summer shoes.

Buy them!

Speaking of shoes, some of y’all asked me to take a picture of my shoe baskets. No. I will not. Because TLC does not need a reason to start a series about shoe hoarders. Because I know some of y’all will send that picture their way and I’ll get a phone call from some producer asking me if they can send out a camera crew. And that would require me to scrub my grout or something equally as awful. So, no, sorry. 😉


Is anyone celebrating St. Patricks Day next week? Check back early next week for my new favorite shirt and a tribute to some of my favorite people. Cheers to soft shirts and great neighbors!

3 thoughts on “Date Night Dare”

  1. You might have convinced me to try on a cold-shoulder… maybe. I can’t believe I read a whole post from you and NO mention of your disdain for Caillou. I’m sure you have a whole post coming about him, right? 😉


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