The Outfit That Started It All

Have you ever gotten dressed in the morning (after getting everyone else dressed, of course) and thought to yourself, “Hey! I don’t look that bad today!”? This was a day like that. It was a winterish day in south Texas so I decided to throw on some leggings and go with it. What I didn’t realize is that this post would push me to start this webpage. Y’all wanted to know about the amazing leggings, the cute wrap, and the simple tunic. You asked, I answered!

Let’s start with the leggings. They are thick, fleece lined, and fabulous. Want to know something funny? The picture on the package shows a lady in long leggings. But these are capri length…so maybe they’re made for the petite mamas out there? Whatever the reasoning, I’m totally fine with it because I look better in the capri length. They run true to size and are $5.98 at your local Walgreens. WALGREENS. They were an impulse buy back in December. Best impulse buy ever! They are currently buy one get the next one 50% off. That’s two pairs for less than $10. Getchusome!
The wrap is from Nordstrom and it’s on sale right now for $39.90. There are 22 different colors and patterns. It’s sweatshirt material and very soft. This might be my 3rd one. Variety is the spice of life, right?
The tunic is an Irma from LuLaRoe. I have around 10 friends who sell it and I can’t remember who I bought it from! I like it because it’s long in the front and longer in the back. I’m a founding member of LANP Committee (Leggings Are Not Pants), so I have to follow their #1 rule of keeping the front and back parts covered. Although the Irma is great for modesty, it mades me look super wide so I don’t wear it without a wrap or cardigan. Here’s a link to my hilarious friend Stephanie’s page. She’s got all the LuLaRoe goodies you can handle and she serves it with a side of sass.
My favorite part about this outfit? The shoes. OH MY WORD. They are fabulous. Hello, Keds! Good to see you again. I use to wear Keds during my Catholic grade school days. I think half of STM wore the plain Jane white version. I’m so glad to rediscover them! I bought them after I stared a day of errands wearing wedges and quickly realized that wasn’t going to last. So I popped into DSW and found the 3 pairs of shoes that came in an 11 and chose these based on comfort.
Why you should buy them:

  1. They have Ortolite insoles, which is 30something speak for “they won’t kill my feet and back when I walk to pick up my kids from school.”
  2. They can be worn without socks. I hate socks. My feet have claustrophobia and don’t like to be confined in small spaces.
  3. They go with everything! I just bought another pair in navy to help me transition to summer. Because summer starts in March here in Texas. Time to stock up on Secret and long wear eye liner!
  4. Because Amazon carries them and 2 day shipping is the absolute best. Period.

They range in price from around $20 – $50 on Amazon, I think I got mine at DSW for $35.

This outfit lasted until around 2:00 when a package of raw chicken thighs EXPLODED on my shirt and nearly left me in tears. I really, really, really hate raw meat and anything related to raw meat so I took a quick HazMat shower before MDO pickup, ate some queso, and called it a day.


Do you have any mom friendly staples? Please share! I’m always looking for pieces to conquer parenthood in!

2 thoughts on “The Outfit That Started It All”

  1. I have two of these wraps– love them! My only complaint is the brown button– thinking of switching them out for something more neutral… but that would involve sewing…


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